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最近準備資料看了下文章,供參考。 NFTs – what am I buying? NFTs—我買了什麼? 原文網址 ----- 以下內文 ----- NFTs were the best performing market segment in November according to Kraken data. 根據 Kraken 的資料顯示,NFT 是 11 月市場區隔 (market segmentation) 中表現最好 的。 by Nick Breen and Sophie Goossens of Reed Smith Reed Smith 的 Nick Breen 與 Sophie Goossens 觀點 Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few months, you will by now likely have heard of NFTs. In fact, you may have even heard of the JPEG of a rock that was sold as an NFT for over $1 million last month. 除非您在過去幾月是個井底之蛙,不然現在應該已經聽過 NFT 一詞。事實上,您或許甚 至知曉於上個月時,一張岩石 JPEG 以 NFT 方式被 100 萬美元以上的價格售出。 Reminiscent of the Bitcoin surge back in December 2017, it is now NFTs that are overtaking dinner party conversations. Nevertheless, one question that continues to be at the focus in these discussions is “okay, but what is an NFT?”. 現在,NFT 已成為取代 2017 年 12 月比特幣 (Bitcoin) 市價飆升的熱門話題。這些話 題中有一個時常被提出的問題 “好吧,但什麼是 NFT? (okay, but what is an NFT?) ” The answer… 解答 Sophie Goossens, Partner at Reed Smith Reed Smith 合夥人 Sophie Goossens The reason this question continues to be asked is that the use cases for NFTs are extensive and, despite the overwhelming media coverage that may suggest otherwise, NFTs are not all digital art collectibles. 之所以繼續討論這個問題,乃因 NFT 的適用範圍非常廣泛。雖媒體鋪天蓋地的報導都僅 聚焦於數位藝術收藏品上,但 NFT 用途不僅侷限於此。 At its simplest level, an NFT is a representation of a transaction that is recorded on a blockchain, similar to a receipt. Because it leverages blockchain technology, details of each initial minting (i.e. creation) and subsequent sale/transfer of an NFT is forever documented and cannot be changed or overridden. 簡單而言,NFT 是紀錄在區塊鏈 (blockchain) 上的交易紀錄憑證,概念類似於收據。因 為它 NFT 採用了區塊鏈技術,所以每次初始鑄造 (即創建) 和其後 NFT 販賣 (或轉讓) 的詳細訊息都會被永久記錄,無法更改或取代。 NFTs contain unique data, including code and metadata (sometimes relating to an identifiable off-chain asset) that distinguishes it from other NFTs. The combination of the uniqueness, high liquidity and immutability of each NFT has given rise to numerous applications across a variety of industries. NFT 會由一些獨有的資料構成,包含將程式碼與能區別其他 NFT 的後設資料 (metadata ,有時連結於可識別的線下資產)。NFT 藉由結合其憑證獨特性、高交易流動性與紀錄不 變性產生了於各行各業的許多應用。 We often see NFTs being described in generalist or reductive ways that do not take account of the multitude of use cases they can offer. The easiest way to understand the various forms of NFT is to consider a few examples. Here is a summary of the most common applications we have seen for NFTs so far, and what you are ‘buying’ with each. 我們經查看到 NFT 被以過於抽象或簡化的方式描述,而未給出它們實際運行的案例。下 例為乞今為止我們看到 NFT 最常見應用的範例,及您可能正在購買的應用。望能藉此讓 我們較簡單的理解各種用途的 NFT。 Transfer of ownership is the least common form of NFT that we have come across. This is where an NFT records the transfer of ownership of property, which could be a ‘physical property’ like a house or a piece of fine art, or it could be referring to a legally-recognised form of intangible property (namely intellectual property, such as copyright). For example, I could use an NFT to assign to you the copyright to a sketch I drew of my cat. 所有權轉讓:將 NFT 用於紀錄財產所有權轉移,這是我們最不常見的 NFT 用途。財產可 為有形財產,如房屋或藝術品;也可為無形財產,像是智慧財產權中的版權。好比說,我 可以使用 NFT 將我畫製的貓圖版權分配給您。 Contractual rights or licences: When you purchase an NFT, you may be provided with certain rights or licences, such as a licence to display a short highlight clip from an NBA game, or a limited-edition piece of digital artwork from Twitter, for your own personal, non-commercial use. Or you could buy an NFT that gives you the contractual right to redeem front-row concert tickets to every Kings of Leon gig for life. 合同 (contractual right) 或許可 (licence):當您購買 NFT 時,您可能會獲得某些權 利或許可。舉例來說,獲得展示 NBA 比賽精彩片段的許可、來自 Twitter 僅供您個人使 用 (非商業用途)的限量版數位藝術品。再或者,您可以購買 NFT 來取得終身皆可兌換里 昂王族 (Kings of Leon gig) 演唱會前排門票的權力。 Bragging rights (or ‘authentication’): Some NFT do not purport to give the purchaser ownership of property or any explicit usage rights or licences at all. This can be common with digital art collectibles; although there is no explicit set of rights granted to the NFT holder, they can nevertheless show (or brag) that they have a unique connection with the underlying artwork or artist that nobody else has. This is like having a baseball card autographed by the player, except that the autograph lives on a blockchain, for all to see. 吹牛權 (或身份憑證):一些 NFT 根本不打算給予購買者任何的財產所有權、明確的使用 權或許可,這在數位藝術收藏品中常見。但盡管沒有明確授予 NFT 持有者任何權利,他 們仍然可以表明 (或吹噓) 他們與 NFT 連結藝術品或鑄造藝術家間有關係,有別於他人 。這就像一張存在於區塊鏈上的有持有者簽名棒球卡,任何人都看得到。 The examples given here are by no means exhaustive and hopefully demonstrate that each NFT is different and needs to be considered individually. 此處給出的示例並非詳細無遺的,每個 NFT 都或有不同,需個案討論。 Ownership of the asset 資產所有權 Nick Breen, Partner at Reed Smith Reed Smith 合夥人 Nick Breen There is unfortunately a common misconception that by buying an NFT, you then ‘own’ the underlying asset as you would when buying a piece of art in a gallery. 不幸的是有一個普遍的誤解,那就是透過購買 NFT 就可以 “擁有” 所連結的資產,如 同在畫廊中購買一件藝術品般。 Although, as explained in the first example given above, it is possible to transfer ownership of property using an NFT, in practice this is quite rare and is likely not the case for the majority of NFTs currently circulating the various marketplaces. 雖上述第一示例給出了 NFT 能轉讓財產所有權的用途,但實際上這種使用是十分罕見的 ,大多數流通在市場上的 NFT 用途可能並非如此。 The reason why this real-world comparison does not hold is simple: with physical artwork, there are two separate forms of property that exist; the property of the physical object itself, in the form of the canvas, the paint etc. and, separately, the intellectual property (i.e. copyright) in the artwork. 在現實世界中並未如此使用的理由十分簡單,對於實體藝術品來說會同時存在兩種獨立的 財產形式。實物本身的財產,如畫布與油漆等;非實物本身的財產,藝術品中的智慧財產 權 (即版權)。 You can buy the first one in the same way as you would a piece of furniture, but you would never expect to receive intellectual property rights from an art gallery as these generally remain at all times with the artist. By contrast, in a virtual world, there is no equivalent digital canvas or paint that can be acquired in a digital image that is separate from the copyright. 您可以像購買傢俱一樣購買上述第一個,但永遠不會期望從藝術畫廊中獲得智慧財產權, 這些產權通常始終由藝術家所有。相比於此,在虛擬世界中,無法在與版權區隔的數位圖 像中取得任何等效的畫布或油漆。 A digital artwork ultimately only comprises data in the form of 0s and 1s and cannot be ‘owned’ in the same way a physical object can be. 數位藝術收藏品終究只有包含 0 和 1 的數據,無法像物理物件那樣 “擁有”。 This distinction does not mean that these art collectible NFTs are without value. On the contrary, the last few months has proven that they have the potential to be extremely valuable. The key takeaway is to understand what it is you are ‘buying’. 這種區別並不表示這些 NFT 藝術收藏品沒有價值。相反地,過去幾個月早已證明它們非 常具有價值的潛力。關鍵在於您要了解自己正在 “購買” 什麼。 Equally important is for those creating NFTs to be careful in how they market and advertise them. Advertising the ‘sale’ of an artwork NFT could be potentially misleading if all the NFT creator is offering are bragging rights, rather than exclusive usage rights or transfer of copyright. 同樣重要的是鑄造 NFT 人在進行營銷與宣傳時要小心,若 NFT 創作者提供的所有 NFT 都僅提供吹牛權,而非專屬授權或版權轉讓,則宣傳 NFT 的 “銷售” 可能產生誤導。 Considerations before purchasing an NFT 購買 NFT 之前的注意事項 We have only started to scratch the surface of the opportunities there are for NFTs, which are a fantastic tool for conceptualizing and encapsulating transactions. There are some great NFT projects out there and far more to come. Nevertheless, if you are considering purchasing an NFT, we would recommend that you do your research. 人們才剛開始了解 NFT,它是一個善於處理概念與封裝交易的工具,有許多很棒的 NFT 項目。不過,如果您正在考慮購買 NFT,我們建議您進行研究。 It is important to check that the marketplace you are using to buy the NFT is legitimate and established and you have read the terms and conditions of the marketplace you are buying through. Some marketplaces provide standard terms that govern the usage rights and sale terms for all NFTs sold on their platform. 請務必檢查您用於購買 NFT 的市場是否合法且成立許久,並且您已詳閱該市場的各項條 款與規範。一些市場提供標準規範來管理其平台上販賣的所有 NFT 使用權與販賣條款。 It is also crucial to check all the descriptions given in the NFT listing and all related metadata. Sometimes these descriptions can embed terms of use, or link out to separate terms or agreements on other websites that seek to govern the token. If there are no terms of use that you can find to govern the sale of the NFT, you are likely acquiring the ‘bragging rights’ we described above or, at best, an implied licence to use the tokenized asset for your own personal use. 檢查 NFT 的所有敘述與其後設資料也很重要,有時這些符記 (token) 的描述會嵌入使用 條款,或連接到其他網站上的條款或協議。如果您無法找到管理販賣 NFT 的使用條款, 您可能會獲得我們上述描述的 “吹牛權”,或僅得到個人用途許可的符記化財產。 The prominence of NFTs is continuing to rise, so you shouldn’t shy away from entering the market due to a lack of knowledge about the intricacies of this digital landscape. With this information at hand and research into your purchase, you will be confidently navigating those dinner party conversations in no time at all. NFT 的重要性不斷上升,故您不應因缺乏對這種複雜數位環境的了解而避於進入市場。掌 握這些資訊並研究您的購買情況,這將有助於協助您了解那些熱門話題。 ※ 引述《ppgame (虎紋蜜瓜)》之銘言: : 今天跟同事聊到有關NFT的事 : 也順便跟他請教有關NFT的價值所在 : 大致的說法像是投資未來可以紅起來的藝術家等等 : 不過我還是很困惑 : 今天就算買到NFT,證明我是獨一無二的持有者 : 但該圖像本身還是能隨意被複製擁有 : 甚至我還不一定有智財權,將它商品化的權力在 : 如果我認為這個藝術家的作品有潛力 : 直接收藏他的實體作品,不是有更穩健的保值空間嗎? : 也看到一些機構將NFT作為會員證發行 : 但今天會員證這東西,並不需要透過NFT才能實現 : 有一大票方式可以管理會員權 : NFT的本意不是用來做這種事,也不需要它也能完成 : 反而是想賦予它一個實際上的功能,製造實際上意義才硬是套上的功用 : 所以NFT本身的價值到底何在?是哪一點構成它的價值基礎? : 還是只是單純的炒作工具,只是搭上元宇宙與虛擬貨幣的熱潮 : 攀上關係來吹捧價值? -- ※ 發信站: 批踢踢實業坊(, 來自: (臺灣) ※ 文章網址:

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